How to Fix Windows Update Service Not Running

Updating Windows is an important task and it can become a big problem sometimes if you don’t update it. Windows developers work very hard to improve their operating systems and add new features. And to get those new features you must update your Windows, but sometimes there can be an error stopping you from updating Windows, Windows Update Service Not Running.

A few months ago, there came a Ransomware that hacked, locked and took data of tens of thousands of computers. No one can say that there won’t be another one in the future. The only way to be safe from these kinds of attacks is to update your Windows regularly. Increasing security is not the only thing Windows does with updates, they also fix bugs. Some bugs can be pretty annoying, that’s why Windows developers work very hard to make their operating system bug free. And that’s not all, they also add new features in updates. So, it can be pretty bad if you get an error saying, Windows update service not running. To help you fix the error, we’ve come up with this article. Now let’s get right into it!

How to Fix Windows Update Service Not Running

Switch on Windows Update Service

To turn on the Windows Update Service, follow the steps given below:

    1. Press Windows + R to open run and type “services.msc” or search “services.msc” in Cortana.
      fix windows update service not running
    2. Once the Services window opens, locate Windows Update service by scrolling down.
      fix windows update service not running
    3. Now check the Status column, if it shows running then I am afraid the problem is not here. But if it’s blank or shows stopped, double click the Windows Update option.
    4. Now in the startup type option, choose Automatic, click apply then OK.

Now you don’t need to worry about Windows update anymore. Just sit back and relax, Windows probably has already started updating. But if you still are unable to update Windows, follow the additional way given below.

Switch on Background Intelligent Transfer Service

Follow the same steps as above to open services.msc. Once opened, find Background Intelligent Transfer Service and switch it on.

Once both of these are turned on, the Windows Update service not running error will be fixed and you will be able to update Windows. The error usually comes when the Windows Update service is switched of, but sometimes it can be because BITS is turned off. So make sure to turn on both Windows Update service and Background Intelligent Transfer Service before asking Windows to update.


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