How To Check If Bootloader Is Unlocked or Locked

Let me tell you a little story, it’s a conversation between two teenagers. It’s related to our topic how to check if bootloader is unlocked.

John: “Hey, I just followed this awesome internet guide on how to unlock bootloader and unlocked my bootloader.

Ayush: “I don’t believe you. You’re just lying. If you really have unlocked bootloader, then show it to me.”

John: “Sure, one minute..”

That’s when John realizes:

“Shit, unlocking bootloader was easy, but how the hell do I show it to others? …. Wait, I just realized that I haven’t even checked for myself that it unlocked or not, damn it.”

Unlocking Bootloader can be a tough task. But even tougher task is to check if your bootloader is unlocked or locked.

You might ask how.

Well, the reason it’s harder is because there is a lot less information available on “How to check if bootloader is unlocked”. There are hardly any guides or tutorials available on this matter.

But you need not worry, because we exist. Here at TechNoMayhem we cover the guides that no one has and we help people make their own life easier.

John: “I’ve heard that bootloader is a really important and advanced part of a mobile, so why do people even mess with it? Hell, why did I mess with it? I just want to look cool.. I hope I didn’t mess up.”

It’s true that unlocking bootloader is a tough task. But it’s definitely worth it since it allows you to make your Android device beautiful.

Here’s how:

Advantages of unlocking bootloader

It will allow you to install custom ROMs.

You want to have a phone that has completely dark theme, from menu to settings to apps and looks cooler?

You want to have those features that haven’t been officially launched for your own device?

You want to install those apps that aren’t available for your own device?

You want to upgrade your Android to the highest version?

Well now you can. Unlocking bootloader will allow you to have all these awesome features. Since you’ve already followed the steps of unlocking bootloader, let’s look at how to check if bootloader is unlocked.

How To Check If Bootloader Is Unlocked

Here’s the best thing about this tutorial:

You won’t need to download any bootloader status checker for one of the methods. You will need to download a software for the second method, though I will not call that application a bootloader checker since it can be used for a lot of things. This tutorial is totally safe and legal.

1st Method:

  1. Open your phone’s dialer app by clicking on the phone icon from the menu.
  2. Once you have opened dialer, dial the following code: *#*#7378423#*#*.
  3. After dialing the code a new window will open. In case nothing happens or it shows wrong code, use the 2nd method given below.
  4. In the newly opened window go to “Service Info” > “Configuration”.
  5. Now your bootloader status depends on what the window shows.

If it shows:

Bootloader unlocked – Yes

Then congratulations, your bootloader is unlocked! Now you can do all of those awesome things mentioned above.

But if it shows:

Bootloader unlock allowed – Yes

Then I’m afraid your bootloader is still locked. But you need not worry because soon we are going to write an article on how to unlock bootloader as well.

Though if nothing happens after entering the code, you can follow the 2nd method.

2nd Method:

This method requires some stuff, so here are the requirements for this method.

  1. ADB
  2. Fastboot
  3. Device drivers

If you lack any of these, you can use the help of our friend Google to get these.

Now let’s begin the 2nd method on how to check if bootloader is unlocked.

  1. Open ADB and switch your device to fastboot mode. (If you don’t know how to, Google is always there.)
  2. The first thing you would want to do in fastboot mode is to check if your device is being recognized by the PC or not. You can do so by typing the following command in ADB: fastboot devices.
  3. Once you’ve typed the code, you should see an image like this.
    how to check if bootloader is unlocked
  4. If it shows your device like it shows mine (5f7546e4), then it means that your PC can recognize your device.
  5. Now to check the bootloader status, type fastboot oem device-info. It should now show your device’s status.If your device is unlocked, you will see a status similar to this:how to check if bootloader is unlockedThough if your device’s bootloader is still locked, you will get the following pic as status:how to check if bootloader is unlocked
  6. That was how how to check whether bootloader is unlocked or not. If your bootloader is unlocked but you want to get it locked, simply type the following command in ADB –  fastboot oem lock.
  7. Now enter fastboot oem device-info to check the status of the device again and follow it with fastboot reboot to restart your mobile in normal mode.

That’s it! Now you will be able to check your bootloader’s status whenever you want.

You can unlock the bootloader, show it to your friends and look cool or you can unlock it and install beautiful looking cool custom ROMs and make your life easier.

If you have any query on how to check if bootloader is unlocked, feel free to comment below.

Also if you have any other, easier method for the same do share it in comment section.

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