5 Ways to Fix Mouse Input Lag

Mouse input lag can be a headache, especially when you’re playing games. I being a gamer can guarantee you that mouse plays a really important part in gaming, especially in First Person Shooters. Though no matter which game, mouse input lag is always bad. That is why, in this article we are going to show you 5 Possible Ways to Fix Mouse Input Lag.

Mouse delay is not only bad while playing games, but it’s also just as annoying while using the computer normally, be it office work or just surfing. Though this doesn’t happen much often, mostly mouse is only delayed in games. But you need not worry. The solutions that we’ve collected can fix most mouse input lags, regardless of where or when they occur. Also, these ways can be used to fix mouse input lag in any operating system. Talking about mouse delay in operating systems, this lag mostly occurs in Windows 10. Earlier versions of Windows did not have much lag, but Windows 10 seems to have a lot of it. Mouse input lag on Windows 10 can be a headache considering that a lot of us use Windows 10. But you need not worry, in this article the ways that we’ve listed will work on any operating system, including Windows 10.

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5 Ways to fix Mouse Input Lag


    1. Change resolution

      Mouse delay can occur when you’re using a lower resolution than that of your monitor. Try setting your resolution to maximum. Because, why not? Higher resolution always looks better, and it works better as well. If you are getting input lag only in games, try checking the resolution of those games and change it to the highest. This works most of the time, but if your resolution is already set to the highest, try the other methods that we’ve listed.

    2. Use Full screen mode

      This method will only work if you are experiencing input lag in games, because, the option to toggle between Full screen mode and windowed mode only exists in games. If you are running games on Windowed mode, change it to full screen mode. This might fix input lag. The option to toggle between Windowed and Full screen mode is available in video settings option.

    3. Lower your DPI and Sensitivity

      Maybe you’re experiencing mouse input lag because the sensitivity that you’ve set is too high for your mouse to handle. You can try lowering them, and see if it fixes your mouse delay or not.

    4. Put mouse in a different USB port

      It is possible to experience mouse input lag due to the USB port being faulty. You can try cleaning your USB port or putting your mouse in a different USB port. Or you can try plugging a different device in that port to check if the port is working or not.

    5. Change your mouse

      Maybe it’s not a software issue, but a hardware one. If none of the above methods worked then there is a pretty good chance that your mouse is faulty. Ask your mom for a new one, I’m sure she’ll get you one.

So these were the fixes that I could come up with, if none of these help you fix mouse input lag, then I am afraid you will just have to ask someone else because I’ve reached the limit of my knowledge. If this article helped you fix your mouse input delay then do not forget to share this article and help others. Also, feel free to comment if there is a working method that I haven’t added in my article.


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